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What’s best for your country?

It is interesting to read the letters to the editor in The Union, even the ones from those whose opinions differ from yours.

But it is only helpful if the authors present accurate facts. In a recent letter, Ms. Carol Chapman claimed that I said Doug LaMalfa is not doing a good job. I have never made that statement! In addition, Ms. Chapman, tenuously tries to bundle together the State of Jefferson movement, The Tea Party and Congressman LaMalfa? Why? Probably because all three are easy targets for a segment of your readers.

The State of Jefferson movement is purely motivated by the fact that the rural northern counties of California have minimal representation in our state legislature. Depending on which counties you take into account, their total representation is five combining assemblymen and senators. Los Angeles County alone has 35. What kind of voice does that give us? None!

In her letter, Ms. Chapman also states: “the Tea Party is a corrupt party of hypocrites.” In the first place the Tea Party is not a party at all. It is a grass-roots movement consisting of concerned citizens who believe in three principles: Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government and Free Markets. Most of its participants believe that corruption, legal or illegal, it is the heart of the problems we face as a nation and thus are convinced our country needs to return to its founding principles to regain our moral compass.

Lastly, Ms. Chapman calls for women to vote “for a social progressive and fiscal moderate” asserting that “When women vote, Democrats win.” I, for one, do not believe that your gender, ethnicity or any “label” should determine how you vote. The only criteria you should consider when you vote is: What is best for our country — period!

Eddie Garcia

Grass Valley

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