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What ‘war on women?’

What ‘war on women?’

The problem with people like Nancy Eubanks (“Don’t let your ‘freedom’ tread on me” The Union Aug. 4) is that they try to make us believe there is a “War on Women” where there is none.

It seems to me that women have more access to not only various methods of birth control, but also the abortion-causing “Morning-After Pill” and actual abortion than ever before.

Planned Parenthood (a taxpayer supported organization) offers free birth control.

Obamacare insurance plans as well as individual private insurance plans, because of federal requirements, must offer birth control and abortion (which incidentally has caused most private insurance plan premiums to increase dramatically).

I feel the “war” is very much directed at taxpayers when women somehow feel all of us should pay for their individual birth control choices.

So Ms. Eubanks, if you want birth control, get it. If you want an abortion, get it. Just don’t expect me to pay for it!

Rue Racine

Grass Valley


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