Vickie Mason: Talk to each other |

Vickie Mason: Talk to each other

Thanks once again,

Nevada County, for your shining spirit of kindness

Thank you lovely Emily, the beautiful young woman who helped me get my fiancé up and standing after a nasty fall on the Independence Point Bridgeport trail last Friday.

Emily also accompanied us safely back to the parking lot.

Huge kudos to the Yuba Docs staff, particularly P.A. “Doc” Trevor and the amazing and caring nurse, Ken, both of whom immediately got into action, cleaning the huge scrapes and cuts, one of which required several stitches, and a good four hours of tender care (plus still on-going almost daily check-ups).

Once again the shining spirit of Nevada County kindness shines strong. We are so very grateful.

Eve Ggem and Joe Lipscomb

Nevada City

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