Veronica Ross: The American way |

Veronica Ross: The American way

Reading Simon Gates’ letter from Feb. 26, whose letter ends with the sentence, “It’s simple,” I want to explain a simple fact. Donald Trump is not a racist. It is very easy for letter writers to label Trump as such and we’ve had to read the slur hundreds of times in the last four years, but where is the proof? I have never seen any on television or in the news. Is it, as Mr. Gates writes, because the KKK and Proud Boys support the him?

That is very naïve, so let me explain another simple fact: There are only two main political parties. This means most people (not independent or Green) have to decide between two candidates for president. The KKK, whether you like them or not, are Americans who have the right to free speech and the right to vote.

Just because they vote Republican, Democrats paint the entire Republican party as racists. I am sick and tired of being called names because I believe in less government, not more. What gives people the belief they can call people names to make a point? How old are you?

I will borrow a line from a letter writer earlier this week, the only thing worse than a poor loser is a poor winner.

Republicans have licked their wounds and gotten back to work. Now let’s see what Biden and company can do to move the country forward. We need to work together, all of us, to make progress for all Americans, even the ones you don’t like. That is the American way.

Veronica Ross

Nevada City

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