Venezuela: the new Iraq |

Venezuela: the new Iraq

When the Trump administration wants to invade another sovereign, oil producing, country and Joe Biden endorses that policy, one has to think “Iraq.” Biden is key in this thinking because his whole career he’s been a Democratic Party insider tied to establishment politics, which is run by the WORMs in both parties, and an Iraq hawk.

These white, old, rich, men occupy the upper 1% of the economic ladder, control both parties, and they’re at it again. Remember 9/11. What disaster are they going to create so the American public will endorse another war, on another defenseless nation, and spend trillions of dollars to the warmongering defense industry, for the sake of democracy, and corporate profit? Will Venezuelan oil pay for it? Ha! Ha!

This invasion would prop up an already propped up economy and extend the inevitable recession for several more years, very good for Trump. It would also divert billions of dollars from public programs into corporate coffers, give reasons to expand the military budget again and privatize Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other public assistance programs. Are you ready for this America? Déjà vu.

Richard Cristdahl

Nevada City

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