Valerie Kack: Protect a woman’s right to choose abortion |

Valerie Kack: Protect a woman’s right to choose abortion

I want to publicly thank Lynn Wenzel for her very well-written Other Voices about the very difficult decision women must sometimes make.

Abortion is never an easy decision, nor is it easily forgotten, self-forgiven or a cavalier way to manage a lack of birth control (as some have accused in the past). Women have already fought for and spoken, and been granted a constitutional amendment to protect their right to have these kinds of decisions made between a woman and her doctor.

If you don't want an abortion don't do it.

Thank you for speaking for those of us who know what it was like before it was made legal — butchery, trauma, dangerously lethal. I don't care what religion you practice, it is not up to you to tell anyone what to do with their medical decisions.

Where are men in all this?

Valerie Kack

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