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V.S. Moran: Tax ‘deform’ plan

Here are the California Republicans who voted for the tax “deform” plan that gives the already rich a massive income increase they will pass on to their shareholders — it will not result in “adding” jobs or “raising wages” (they are hoping you are stupid by the way).

It adds at least a trillion dollars to the deficit, but don’t worry, they are still “concerned” with the “burgeoning deficit” but will trim it by cutting Medicare, Social Security, and other “burdensome” social programs. This plan will cause tax increases to most Americans, poor working slobs like you and me. Don’t hope for some miraculous change of heart on their part. There won’t be any because they have no conscience or they wouldn’t have passed this to begin with.

Cut this out, print it and put it on your refrigerator with one of your hundreds of refrigerator magnets for the next election. Send this to any people you know in any of these districts. Our “representatives” are LaMalfa and McClintock. Let’s make sure these are their last terms in office. Sorry guys, we’re not stupid and we vote.

LaMalfa; Cook; Denham; Valadao; Nunes; McClintock; McCarthy; Knight; Royce; Calvert; Walters and Hunter.

V.S. Moran

Grass Valley

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