TV too vulgar these days |

TV too vulgar these days

As a retired person who watches TV many hours a day, I am appalled at the constant stream of trash, promiscuity, vulgarity and violence available every day and night! It is getting very hard to find any programs without these elements.

I believe most parents today allow their children free access to TV and the Internet … but, why they consider it OK is way, way beyond my understanding!

Obviously, most parents do not control or care what their children watch.

Is there any benefit to watching programs centered around masturbation (“Two and A Half Men,” “2 Broke Girls,” etc., etc.) or shows glamorizing sexual promiscuity and adultry? What happened to “old fashioned” program censors … or music critics? Am I the only person who sees the terrible example President Obama has set by welcoming the rubbish-mouthed hip-hop artists(?) into the White House? They debase women and set deplorable examples for all children. Kanye West, Jay-Z, Beyonce? Low-class entertainers who are role models for our children. Kanye West’s newest song will earn him millions of dollars. It is called: “N—– in Paris.” Isn’t that ironic, considering Paula Dean just lost her career because she admitted to using that insulting word several years ago? Wake up, America!

Joanne Crouch

Grass Valley

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