Trump’s threats to cut off FEMA to California |

Trump’s threats to cut off FEMA to California

We’re already in another dangerous fire season, with the threat of ruined lives and communities as real possibilities until the rainy season returns.

President Trump, in a recent bombast, threatened to cut off federal emergency funds (FEMA) to California, funds necessary to fight and recover from catastrophic wildfires. Basically saying California needs to confront “forrest” fires (his spelling) on its own, he not only displayed his petulance to potentially put millions of peoples’ lives, livelihoods and properties at risk, but also ignored the fact that Californians, like other Americans, pay taxes that are included in FEMA reserves. California is entitled to funds to stave off deadly fires, whether Trump understands it or not.

Governor Newsom, on the other hand, dedicated $50 million to prepare the state for emergencies, including wildfires. Focusing on local organizing through volunteer groups, including our local Fire Safe Council, and Community Emergency Response Teams, the goal is to face reality and have California be as prepared as possible for the risky months ahead. Acknowledging that everyone must work together, Californians must follow intelligent leaders with sensible plans and not be trapped in petty political divisiveness. If we fragment, the consequences are too dire to contemplate.

Jacqueline Finley

Grass Valley

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