Trina Kleist: NID climate change stories provide factual information |

Trina Kleist: NID climate change stories provide factual information

Mr. George Olive III claims, in his Feb. 27 letter, that the articles recently published in The Union about climate change are “pseudo-articles,” “biased” and “detract from public discourse.” He offers much innuendo, but provides no evidence to support his position.

Each article cites ample research from independent institutions to document that wintertime low temperatures in the Sierra Nevada are rising. As a result, snowpack — the major source of water locally and across California — is declining; the consequences of precipitation shifting from snow to rain affect our communities and the regional environment in many ways. The package concludes by describing the many steps Nevada Irrigation District is taking to prepare for a warmer climate.

These facts speak for themselves. They are true regardless of whatever course this community takes to address the impact of climate change on our water supply.

On Page A1 of four consecutive Mondays (Jan. 22 through Feb. 12), The Union ran these stories and clearly stated that NID hired me to write this package; the longer articles also state at the end that NID is among my freelance clients. I had full editorial control over the content and am completely satisfied with its journalistic integrity.

If Mr. Olive, or anyone else, finds a factual error in my reporting, I will promptly review the evidence offered and correct any mistakes.

Trina Kleist

Grass Valley

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