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Tom Woods: Right’s talking points are wrong

Tom Woods

Both Editorial Board members of The Union Jo Ann Rebane and Thea Hood seem to be sharing the same dislike in the same words and style of a Fox News propaganda. Both of them seem to feel that Gov. Newsom is a failure because he hasn’t fixed the homeless issues.

What Republican could do better? Homelessness is a nationwide issue that no one official could change especially in four years. Both of them accuse Newsom of ignoring the road system and at the same time complain about “automatic tax increases to fund road maintenance?” Just who, when and what funds the road system and it should be a yearly battle in the Legislature? Fixing infrastructure always takes more and more funds.

Obviously both of these women have never driven on Ohio roads with the interstate being a private company that does next to zero work on the roads.

Rebane asserts that Newsom’s pandemic efforts are harsh, but with yet another wave of infections he hasn’t been harsh enough.

Hood asserts “highest state debt” while California has a $60 billion surplus because of higher taxes on the wealthy, while middle class taxes stayed the same. Hood asserts that California has the most power outages and wildfires caused by Newsom? PG&E is the reason why wildfires and power outages are in lockstep and both happened before Newsom was governor.

Both of these women make all manner of accusations with no attributions/sources and expect everyone to lap it up. Both repeat Fox News “talking points” as gospel. They’re not.

Tom Woods

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