Tom Woods: How about opinions based in reality? |

Tom Woods: How about opinions based in reality?

When I read a letter to the editor, I kind of expect that those opinions are backed by reality.

On Sept. 20, Ron Carpenter states that Dems are a party of hate. Did Dems have a torchlight parade chanting “Jews will not replace us” or any other hateful parades? Cite examples.

He also declares that Dems support refugees (illegal) voting and legalized prostitution — which are outright lies.

He also snivels that the president has been harassed? Trump harassed Obama about not being a citizen for eight years, which is a lie because if your mother is a citizen you can be born on Mars and automatically be a citizen. Obama couldn’t even wear a tan suit without being hassled by Repubs.

On Sept. 23, Louis Redding declared the Founding Fathers wrote the constitution by religious and moral people. The Constitution was written by people escaping religious intolerance in England and Europe. He says socialism never works. Besides socialistic roads, parks, Social Security, Medicare, police, fire and military, libraries and weather predicting — where we all contribute?

Tom Woods

Nevada City

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