Tom Durkin: Caving to bullies sets poor precedent |

Tom Durkin: Caving to bullies sets poor precedent

Caving to bullies sets poor precedent

What saddens me about this whole sorry Kathy Griffin affair is that the Center for the Arts caved so quickly to death and bomb threats.

For the Center to announce that it was cancelling the show because it had received death and bomb threats sends entirely the wrong message.

Cancel the show, sure, but do it for the right reason.

Do it because Kathy Griffin screwed up. Not because you were threatened. A dangerous precedent has been set. The self-righteous terrorists have just learned that they can get away with criminal intimidation. The chilling effect is palpable. The Center for the Arts has put itself in a self-censorship position. Do they dare book the Dixie Chicks or Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) or Jon Stewart? Instead of publicly giving in to the intimidations of a vocal and potentially violent minority, the CFTA should have called for aggressive police investigation into the threats (which are felonies).

Of course, the Center for the Arts should have cancelled the show. Kathy Griffin did something very stupid and reprehensible. That's all the reason they needed. Instead, the Center let itself be bullied, and now everybody knows it can be bullied. And that makes me sad.

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Tom Durkin

Grass Valley

Hoping for news on sink hole in The Union

It has been months since the ground fell away near the Raley Center. It is a big hole covered with plastic and tires.

Can The Union please keep us informed with current information about what is going on there? Who must pay to repair and maintain? And who will do the work? What are the expectations? Why has nothing been done lately? When will the repair be completed?

The "where" is easy — it's the big hole near Raley Center. How come this newspaper has been silent about this big hole in the ground? Let's see — have I covered all of the journalism musts?

Who? What? Why? When? Where? And occasionally how? Hoping for news in the newspaper.

Vida Santos

Grass Valley

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