Tom Barcus: HEW property development a bad idea |

Tom Barcus: HEW property development a bad idea

I live very close to the HEW property and the possibility of a 120-unit complex in our small, rural community is depressing to say the least.

We live on the outskirts of Nevada City and not in Sacramento City because we enjoy being able to live without the congestion and noise typically associated with higher density cities. This development will completely dominate the community and change the environment for those of us that sought out this beautiful little neighborhood. A 120-unit development would add at least a couple of hundred extra cars for residents and workers on the two-lane Willow Valley Road and the even smaller streets of Nevada and Washington. And a lot more people.

Also, the developer did not honor his past agreement with the neighborhood association. Why should we, the people who live in this neighborhood, respect a person who goes back on his word? Is the developer going to move into this community or is he just going to create a nightmare for us to live in?

Tom Barcus

Nevada City

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