Tom Atkinson: #WalkAway campaign gets help from Russian trolls |

Tom Atkinson: #WalkAway campaign gets help from Russian trolls

Terry McLaughlin in her column in The Union’s Aug. 2 edition asks that we investigate the Walk Away movement for ourselves to see if it is “… much ado about nothing.”

I did, and have concluded that the movement is not much ado about nothing, it is worse. It’s a complete hoax.

My “go to” source for fact checking is It reports that “Memes promoting the #WalkAway campaign used stock photographs to represent people who had supposedly left the Democratic Party.” They also report that it is spread “almost exclusively on the right-wing Internet.”

And finally, they report that “… live Twitter tracking tool Hamilton68 (operated by the Alliance for Securing Democracy at the German Marshall Fund) had recorded Russian bots and trolls helping to amplify the #WalkAway hashtag …”

In other words, the so-called movement is based on false claims by made up people circulated by the right wing and Russian bots and trolls. Sounds like collusion to me.

Tom Atkinson

Lake of the Pines

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