Tiresome rhetoric |

Tiresome rhetoric

The Democrats’ attack on the GOP Tax Cut and Jobs Bill is familiar: “It’s a giveaway to corporations and the rich.” “It hurts the middle class.” Not a single Democrat in Congress voted for this bill, apparently not wanting to see any American receive tax relief.

Democrats falsely call the bill a tax increase on the middle class. In spite of the false rhetoric on social media and broadcast news, the Joint Committee on Taxation, an official Congressional scorekeeper, the Tax Foundation and the Tax Policy Center (TPC) agree that the GOP proposal would reduce the tax burdens on almost all income groups in America. According to the TPC the plan will slash taxes for the vast majority of American taxpayers citing that 80 percent of taxpayers are going to get a tax cut next year. In addition the bill doubles the standard deduction and almost doubles the child tax credit!

Democrats rejected the invitation by President Trump to come to the table with their ideas for tax reform. Instead Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer decided to do what they always do in their typical bombastic fashion — criticize, complain and promote class envy.

Nancy Brost

Nevada City

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