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Tim Stokes: Government control of the media?

With all due respect to the author of the opinion piece "In search of common sense," there is no way that government control of the media's reporting on school (or other) mass shootings will have any effect other than the erosion of yet another freedom vital to this country.

Also, the citing of press censorship during World War II as an example of the effectiveness of such control is ludicrous. The U.S. press and radio (the media of the day) voluntarily submitted stories for review to the Office of Censorship. Government control was not an issue.

"Byron Price of the Associated Press accepted the position of Director of Censorship on 19 December 1941 after being told that he would report directly to Roosevelt, and that the president agreed with his desire to continue voluntary censorship."*

While the search for a solution to the problem of mass shootings in this country is imperative, lack of government control of the media has no place in this conversation.

*"Secrets of Victory: The Office of Censorship and the American Press and Radio in World War II." — Sweeney, Michael S. (2001)

Tim Stokes

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