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Tim McCall: Kids and violent entertainment

Our students are facing ever-increasing violence in their schools. What has changed over the past 50 years? Many things, of course, but consider the increase in violence and obscene sexuality being marketed by the entertainment industry.

Entertainers would not produce this violence if it did not pay. It pays because there is an increase in demand. Without the demand, there would not be a market. Is it possible young people, as consumers of violence, are contributing to their own problem?

Before protesting with the goal of changing others, perhaps it would be prudent to change one’s own behavior first.

Is it also possible that the students, in their rush to do something, anything, have picked a popular target and not necessarily the root cause of the violence? Are the politicians and the media pulling the strings; interfering with the students’ use of their own reasoning?

It will not be easy convincing your peers to reduce or eliminate their consumption of violent entertainment or redirect their protests toward the entertainment industry for polluting their society. However, good things never come easily or quickly. It will take generations. Why not be the first?

Tim McCall

Grass Valley

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