Three easy safety measures |

Three easy safety measures

There are three things all drivers can easily do to help prevent accidents and reduce traffic injuries and death. Everyone knows two of them, but the third is rarely known. The first two are: always wear seat belts; and turn on headlights day and night.

The third was told to me by a friend who was an EMT/paramedic in Hawaii, where, over a 25 year career, he went to hundreds of auto accidents. He said, "When we got there, if the people were still inside the car, they were almost always alive and not terminally injured, regardless of the severity of the accident. If they were thrown from the car, they were almost always dead."

He convinced me to always lock the doors on my car. In an accident, unlocked doors often fly open. Even if you're wearing a seat belt, an arm or leg or head can come outside and be severely injured. And if a car goes off the road and slides down a hill with a door open, usually it will pick up rocks and dirt and debris, filling the car and crushing people inside.

It's easy: lock your doors. It's the third safe (and smart) thing we all can do.

Jerry Martin

Grass Valley

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