Thomas O’Toole: Vote for Dan Miller |

Thomas O’Toole: Vote for Dan Miller

I am perplexed. People who move here always state, “I just love it here!” “Nevada County is like paradise!” “We are so happy to feel a part of this county!”

All of us have heard these expressions and most agree. We are very fortunate indeed to be citizens of this great county.

However, here is what I do not understand. There seems to be a move afoot to defeat one of the sitting supervisors; an individual who has a distinguished and proven track record, common sense and leadership. Dan Miller has been a hard working public servant for Nevada County for years.

He has no reason to turn this county around to be just like the counties people seem to be escaping from. Please vote for Dan and help keep Nevada County the place that’s admired by all.

Thomas O’Toole

Grass Valley

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