Thomas O’Toole: Red Light Ball a success |

Thomas O’Toole: Red Light Ball a success

The Nevada County Law Enforcement and Fire Protection Council (NCLFC) appreciates and is thankful for the generosity of so many of our fellow Nevada County citizens sponsoring the 17th annual Red Light Ball.

The unselfishness of these sponsors and donors enabled the NCLFC to present our Public Safety Awards, recognizing three outstanding individuals: Chief John Foster and Donna and Bill Roach. Nevada County is the beneficiary of these three who have given so much of themselves to this wonderful community.

We feel this year’s Ball, chaired by Susan Drown, was a spectacular success due largely in part to our sponsors, donors and all who participated. Every great event is usually the result of hard work, attention to detail and more hard work. This year we say thank you to all; special attention must be directed to Chef Ned and his wonderful Alta Sierra staff along with the Alta Sierra membership. They all stepped up to their delicious plates and homered! Thank you all.

Thomas O’Toole, on behalf of the NCLFC Board of Directors

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