The war comes home |

The war comes home

The war comes home. As overproduced U.S. military hardware over-floods the world market, its “homeland” becomes weaponized. We now see armored military vehicles in law enforcement agencies and universities across the country. The proliferation of personal firearms unleashes a deranged “open carry” movement.

The USA is engaged against enemies it has directly and indirectly created, trained, and who are equipped with commandeered weaponry made in the USA. Mercenary “contractor” firms flourish, creating “Jobs!” War profiteers turn the wheels of industry; “Jobs! Economic Growth!”

Modern life has people so “busybusybusy” — overworked, depleted, “hanging on”. Many wear their exhaustion as a badge; “good”, productive citizens, conflating “making a living” with Quality of Life. This self-neglect leads to over-eating, addiction, distraction, and an unquestioning acceptance of a stagnant political status-quo and … war.

“We were attacked,” I hear, “And now we’re safe because ‘Our Boys’ are over there keeping us safe.” Oh! My! So much goes so completely unquestioned.

That Republican president, that Five Star General, Dwight D. Eisenhower, strongly, knowingly, warned us. This militarized culture and its make believe economy unleash a fearful, unquestioning neglect.

And so, the war comes home.

Nory Fussell

Nevada City

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