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‘The New Art Of The Deal’ By Kim Jong Un

This is what happens when you go into a summit with very little preparation, depend on “feel and gut,” and fly by the seat of your pants. Nothing. By nothing I mean nothing new that past presidents haven’t already done, or what South Korea’s President Moon already agreed to, a few weeks ago.

Historic, yes, a historical give away with nothing in return, something past presidents refused to do; and that’s giving North Korea and the Kim Jong Un’s regime legitimacy, by sitting dictator to president on international TV. This also stabilizes his waning power at home and offers hope for fewer sanctions from China and other nations.

This PT Barium hoopla and the Forest Gump negations have allowed a brutal dictator, who killed his own uncle to assume total power, to reach all of his goals without giving up anything that his grandfather, his father or himself has not given up in the past. All for some promises that have been given in the past and that they have broken in the past.

A reality check, what chance does a deal between two proven liars have?

Richard Cristdahl

Nevada City

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