The ignorance of Donald Trump and his war talk |

The ignorance of Donald Trump and his war talk

Does Donald Trump understand that the only result of a substantial nuclear exchange would be a hollow victory in which the “winners” would be no better off than the losers? An all-out nuclear war could make our planet uninhabitable for a million years.

Nuclear war is bad for babies and children and motherhood; bad for everyone. War no longer functions for settling disputes between nations. If you’re within a few miles of a nuclear detonation you’ll be incinerated on the spot. The nuclear nations of today have created a total of 50,000 nuclear devices. Nuclear war would be bad for the 21st century.

Nations of Earth are now spending $1 million per minute on armaments. Today’s protective measures are ineffective, and ultimately futile. The fire storm of a nuclear missile will turn most underground shelters into crematoriums. Nuclear war is bad for survival, so maybe Trump should be talking about something else.

Ron Lowe

Nevada City

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