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Terry Lamphier: The naked emperor stands

Mr. Bartlett’s response to my guest column avoids my points, but illustrates them by using typical conservative rhetorical logic fallacies.

He opens by a quote he implies was by me but not saying so directly: “regarding Terry Lamphier’s Trump rant … I have a difficult time understanding why an anti-Trump socialist must call all conservatives ‘unsophisticated, uneducated …’etc.”

Red herring. I specifically referred to Trump supporters, not “all conservatives.” Supporters blindly forgive Trump anything without engaging science, history, context, and, yes, even the Constitution when it does not serve them. This is being an “unsophisticated, uneducated, and (by using hate) unhappy malcontent.”

I respect conservatives capable of using facts and reason. Conservative talk show host Tom Sullivan is one because he’s respectful and questioning. Others come across as pure propagandists, telling outright venomous lies but drawing ratings like a train wreck draws rubberneckers. I include in my reading responsible conservative publications, such as National Review, Wall Street Journal, etc. Fox News opinions are shallow and destructive.

Bartlett avoids my points but instead diverts with off-topic issues that he implies I support (gun control, abortion, etc.). Misdirection.

I have no respect for Trump supporters’ blind, unquestioning allegiance. That’s how fascism works. The naked emperor stands.

Terry Lamphier

Grass Valley

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