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Terry Boyles: Republican party devoid of principle

Regarding a recent submission, “Proud to be a Republican,” it seems that Republicans love to trot out the fiction that they alone love the Constitution. If love of the Constitution was really the bone of contention, there’s a long history of juris prudence differing on what exactly it says and how to enforce the intent of the law.

The overbearance of corporations in American life can be laid squarely at the feet of conservative courts subjugating civil rights to property rights, along with a long history government abdication of its responsibility to resist the concentration of wealth and power among the few.

That corporations are now “citizens” with the same rights of free speech as actual people is due the widely celebrated (among Republicans) conservative decision in “Citizens United.” Republicans love big, dark, corporate money when it rolls into their campaign coffers.

Then there’s the consistent blind eye turned on Wall Street excesses of monopoly building, tax avoidance and market manipulation.

Yes, the worm has turned. Long the champions of big business, the party has become so devoid of principle that even the crown princes of industry recognize how toxic today’s version of Republicanism has become for business.

Terry Boyles

Penn Valley

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