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Terry Boyles: Defense Dept. should take on environmental and viral threats

Terry Boyles

A battle for our very survival looms. Certainly one worthy of a war footing akin to the fight against fascism our grandfathers fought. Yet climate change and pandemic preparation are still but an afterthought in the federal budget.

Our current rate of military spending, if brought before Congress as a new bill, would be in excess of $8 trillion. Not even a murmur of adjusting downward the defense budget to pay for domestic infrastructure. This despite the fact that our armed forces have achieved little in the way of real national security recently, after a string of failed foreign excursions.

But the military industrial jobs program, and fascination with fire power, silence the critics of our bloated defense budget. Why not make environmental and viral threats part of the Defense Department’s mandate?

After all, these enemies kill far more Americans, and destroy more property, than any foreign war ever has.

Terry Boyles

Penn Valley


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