Syd Brown: Support Herring for NID |

Syd Brown: Support Herring for NID

I am writing to express my strong support for Bruce Herring, candidate for Nevada Irrigation District Board of Directors, Division 2.

I have known Bruce for over 15 years and have great respect for his qualifications, dedication to fiscal responsibility, and knowledge of water delivery and use in Nevada County. I have observed his thoughtful and thorough personal investigation of NID’s current public practices and organizational decision-making processes. I have sat through numerous NID public committee and board meetings, and noticed Bruce quietly observing, learning, and forming opinions about this powerful water-delivery entity. (I have not witnessed his relatively recently declared opponent performing similar preparations.)

Bruce declared early, and has been open in his concerns regarding NID’s actions surrounding the proposed Centennial dam. But Bruce is no single-issue candidate. He is in favor of fiscal responsibility, forward-looking watershed management and policies designed to assure sustainable water supplies for the district. His is a voice of reason, fresh ideas, and energetic exploration of the complex water-related policies facing us now and in the future.

Vote in November. Vote for Bruce Herring. Vote for your water future.

Syd Brown

Nevada City

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