Suzanne Leyar: Thank you for saving my life |

Suzanne Leyar: Thank you for saving my life

Thank you to the young man who saved my life. I was at Pioneer Motors looking for a car, and there was a young man washing cars. I drove the car in and put it in park, and proceeded to look at a car.

The car started going backwards. I tried to run to stop it, but the car door knocked me to the ground and the tire was going over my leg. I managed to yell help. The young man ran, stopped the car, and helped me up off the ground, asking if I wanted to go to hospital. This was a traumatic situation. I said no, managed to get in my car and drove away.

I want to thank this young man for saving me. I hope Pioneer Motors know what a special nice man he is.

Suzanne Leyar

Nevada County

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