Susan Wallace: Fourth of July can be scary for animals |

Susan Wallace: Fourth of July can be scary for animals

The Fourth of July may mean freedom to us but for many dogs and cats it’s a nightmare holiday.

If you leave your home for this holiday know that the fireworks noise will freak out many animals. I remember losing our dog one Fourth of July many years ago and that taught me to not leave my dogs alone on the Fourth from then on. It’s a stay at home holiday for me (and I have one dog that cries all day even when I can’t hear the firecracker explosions — apparently the dog can).

If you must leave home on the Fourth and can’t afford a pet sitter, make sure your dog is secure in the house, maybe some calming music on and sufficient water while you’re gone.

If your dog has access to your yard when you are gone, make sure the fence and gate are secure in case the dog happens to be outside when that firecracker goes off. Dogs that are fearful and can escape will run. Shelters fill up every Fourth of July holiday weekend. Happy Fourth for you and your family and your animals. And remember during the summer, on hot days (which are most days for dogs), please keep your dog out of cars.​

Susan Wallace, founder/attorney

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