Susan Greenwood: There for all to see |

Susan Greenwood: There for all to see

My profoundest gratitude goes to Mr. Kotowski (The Union, Feb. 7). He was courageous enough to finally answer, honestly and definitively, what has long perplexed so many of us: knowing about Trump’s innumerable misdeeds, how can people continue supporting him?

Kotowski lays bare the truth: many (likely most) of his supporters absolutely realize that he has committed countless wrongdoings both officially as president and in his personal life, but they will back him anyway — for policies and rationales based purely and explicitly on xenophobia, racism, religious intolerance, hate, and fear. We always suspected those were the ugly truths lurking behind the MAGA cult, despite the sanctimoniously disingenuous proclamations of Republicans in Congress, and now it’s out there for all to see and acknowledge.

Thank you, Mr. Kotowski.

Susan Greenwood

Lake of the Pines

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