Susan Bewley: What’s in the Build Back Better Act? |

Susan Bewley: What’s in the Build Back Better Act?

Apparently, many people do not know what is in the current version of the Build Back Better Act. Here is a summary of the legislation at this point:

Child care: Child care tax credit of up to $3,800 per child. Paid family leave.

Climate change: Tax incentives for a range of electric/energy efficient products. Clean electricity programs for utilities. Energy efficiency and electrification expansion. Civilian Conservation Corps. Expanding of government electric vehicle fleet.

Education: Universal pre-kindergarten. Two years tuition-free community college. Repairing/improving school facilities/infrastructure. Pell Grant expansion.

Health care: Allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices. Expand Medicare to include vision, hearing and dental coverage. Expand Medicare and Medicaid access.

Cyber security: Security for federal digital networks, cyber security and protection.

The cost will be financed through a combination of tax increases on corporations and those people earning more than $400,000 per year, as well as increasing the budget of the Internal Revenue Service to allow better enforcement to catch tax cheaters.

If you don’t like the $3.5 trillion price tag, what programs do you want to cut? The programs are for 10 years, so they average 1/10th of that amount annually.

Democrats may like to tax and spend, but Republicans like to borrow and spend. Let’s invest in families rather than wars.

Susan Bewley

Nevada City.


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