Support forward-looking candidates |

Support forward-looking candidates

As we fight and fume over the antics in Washington, it is important to remember that progress and positive growth often start at the local level. A strong structure for making broader change can only come from an active, involved and functional community base.

We have some excellent candidates running for office, including Hilary Hodge (Board of Supervisors, District #3); Erin Ruark Minett (Nevada City’s city council); and Ricki Heck (NID director, Division 1). These women all bring experience, new insight, and renewed energy to our local political scene.

Check out their respective websites for more information — you will be impressed.

We live in a wonderful community with a rich history and culture. Let’s keep it vibrant and forward-looking, not only now but in the future as well. We can help do that by electing individuals with the vision to make Nevada County all that it can be, i.e., a community that values diversity, extends support to all, and provides economic, educational, and social opportunities that allow everyone to feel valued and secure.

Jacqueline Finley

Grass Valley

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