Students looking for a hand out |

Students looking for a hand out

I was watching the news on TV Monday when I saw a group of students parading around demanding food and housing at U.C. Davis. In today’s “progressive” California I guess we should all just have ‘The Government’ give us everything.

Many feel entitled to cradle-to-grave care. These student demands literally spit in the faces of the millions of people in my generation (I’m 74) who “worked their way through college” doing low-paying, part-time jobs and making it own their own. We found schools that were close to home so we wouldn’t need housing. Thanks, mom and dad.

Those of us who couldn’t do that did something called going to “night school” while we worked, raised our families and didn’t beg for help. Many of us did these things because we wanted to have the pride in our accomplishments and knowing we earned everything ourselves.

Even in those days many parents couldn’t afford to pay for all our college and there weren’t any student loans either. If we wanted further education we went out and got it.

Rick DeKnoop

Grass Valley

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