Steve Willer: March 24: a call to action for students |

Steve Willer: March 24: a call to action for students

Students of Nevada Union, Bear River, Sierra College, and their parents, should join the Saturday, March 24, nationwide protests encouraged by the student survivors from the high school in Parkland, Florida.

The basics: get the message out, use your social media skills and create accounts to spread the word and see who is interested. Follow the student leaders in Parkland, watch what they are doing. Pick a time and location for people to gather, a large parking lot is good, maybe Nevada Union? Get permission.

Pick a time and plan a route, maybe NU into the downtown, start at noon or 1 p.m. Know the rules, with where you can and can’t walk. Encourage people to make signs and banners, put up flyers before the march, chant, sing songs, make noise along the way, be respectful to all.

Give law enforcement a heads up with a route. Pickup trucks and bullhorns are helpful to talk with the crowds at the beginning and end of the march. When you’re 18, register and vote! Parents, guide them, but let them take the lead.

On Facebook I’m Steven R. Willer. Feel free to message me.

Steve Willer

Grass Valley

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