Simon Gates: Reap what you sow |

Simon Gates: Reap what you sow

PG&E lines have been blamed for a number of fires which have resulted in lawsuits costing PG&E billions of dollars. As a result, they have said: “We are not going to let you blame us for future fires” and have decided to shut down power anytime there is the possibility of strong winds, with low humidity, so that their lines can not be blamed.

Well done everyone.

PG&E provides a vital service at dirt cheap rates to an ungrateful population. People want to have top shelf service and equipment at discount rates. Anytime that PG&E attempts to raise rates, they are fought tooth and nail. Some believe that everything they want will magically appear if PG&E, as we know it, is gone.

Good luck with that. To get what you want, maybe rates should be allowed to be increased by 10-fold. Then would you be happy?

Simon Gates

Nevada City

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