Shirley Freriks: Trees to toilets |

Shirley Freriks: Trees to toilets

Here is something shocking — the U.S., which consumes more toilet paper per capita than other countries, is making climate change worse by using pulp from Canada’s northern forests — one of the world’s best absorbers of man-made greenhouse gases, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council and environmental advocates.

Look it up on Bloomberg Climate Changed. NRDC’s scorecard of major toilet paper brands from the three large companies — including Proctor & Gamble’s Charmin Ultra, Georgia-Pacific’s Angel Soft and Quilted Northern, and Kimberly-Clark’s Cottonelle Ultra — ranked them among the least sustainable, mostly due to their virgin fiber, but also factoring in their bleaching processes.

Let’s do our part by using only recycled toilet paper, which most major stores have in stock. It is made from clean recycled paper. This is a small act of kindness with big repercussions. Pass the word there is an “issue with tissue!”

Why flush our trees down the toilet when we have an option? Thank you!

Shirley Freriks

Grass Valley

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