Sharon Davisson: Statue sends the wrong message |

Sharon Davisson: Statue sends the wrong message

I strongly oppose the placement of a life-sized statue of Aaron Sargent at the convergence of East and West Broad Street in Nevada City.

While I appreciate Ellen Clark Sargent and Aaron Sargent’s contributions to our country’s 19th amendment, I find the racist biases demonstrated by Aaron Sargent in his role as U.S. representative to be reprehensible.

In 1871 he lobbied for the end of treaty-making rights of Indian tribes. He exhibited biased and fallacious reasoning when he stated that “Eighty or hundred years ago, perhaps when there were great confederated nations upon our borders . . . we might treaty with them.” But now, he stated, Indian tribes were “simply … not independent nations with whom we are to treat as our equals.” One wonders if he contemplated why there was a devastation of these “great confederated nations.”

Additionally, Aaron Sargent supported the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 which was the first significant law restricting immigration into our country.

Sharon Davisson

Nevada City

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