Shari Wilson: Vote Marty Walters for Congress |

Shari Wilson: Vote Marty Walters for Congress

When we think of a person we want to represent us in Congress, we think of someone who is smart, strong and capable. Someone with good values and character. A hard worker with a proven record of collaborating to achieve results where everyone wins. Someone who will listen to us and fight for our concerns in Washington. Someone who brings new ideas to the table and is tough and persistent enough to make sure those ideas are included in any solution.

Marty Walters is that person. Marty has spent the past year talking with people in the district from all walks of life about what matters to them the most. In her decades as an environmental scientist, she’s found the balance between environmental protection and business success. Living in Quincy, she loves and understands the benefits of rural life, and knows the challenges of raising a family in places where education, healthcare and infrastructure don’t get the support they do in cites. Marty will fight to change that. Vote for Marty Walters!

Shari Wilson

Nevada City

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