Scott Rogers: Reality vs. fake news |

Scott Rogers: Reality vs. fake news

Many of us know excellent folks from Mexico and Central America who do the work we need. My experiences with these folks has been always positive.

I am saddened by the current push to keep them out of America. We need hardworking families to keep things productive here. Almost every business is looking to hire. These are the hardworking folks we need. I wish I could say there are many young white folks with the wherewithal to grab those jobs — unfortunately not the case!

The president is shooting himself in the foot by (many workers at Mar-a-Lago are immigrants), who arrive to work hard, pay taxes, etc. Don’t make your opinions based on media B.S. Look at reality. We need lots of immigrants; it’s always been the story of our country! Thanks for letting my opinion to be in your newspaper.

Scott Rogers

Penn Valley

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