Scott Johnson: Why I’m volunteering for Jessica Holcombe for Congress |

Scott Johnson: Why I’m volunteering for Jessica Holcombe for Congress

Why I’m volunteering for Holcombe for Congress

At her website,, voters will find the policy positions that won me over as a supporter and volunteer for Congressional candidate Jessica Holcombe.

These include access to health care for all Americans. Renewable energy is America’s future. Education reform that includes greater investment in our public schools and affordable access to higher education and vocational training. Immigration reform including a “blue card” program supported by Senators Feinstein and Harris to provide a legal pathway for undocumented farm workers to stay in America and eventually obtain citizenship. A pathway to citizenship for Dreamers (children of undocumented immigrants who came to America while very young) via the bipartisan Dream Act.

I have seen Jessica campaign on these issues and inspire supporters. Jessica grew up as the oldest of seven children in a family that sometimes struggled to house and feed themselves. She overcame those early days and got an education to become successful in her chosen field of business law. She will not let down the people of Congressional district 1 if we send her to Washington D.C. to be our representative.

We need more competent, compassionate women in Congress. Please vote for Jessica Holcombe June 5.

Scott Johnson


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