Sarah Gordon: ‘Community Involvement Day’ a win-win for all |

Sarah Gordon: ‘Community Involvement Day’ a win-win for all

On July 30, the Cinderella Project participated in the Community Involvement Day at the Nevada County Fairgrounds for the second year in a row.

There were 10 other worthy organizations who participated and received abundant donations for their causes. In our case, we received 75 fabulous dresses, shoes and jewelry to help us outfit high school students for proms this spring.

The donors got “a buy one/get one free” coupon for admission to the fair for their donations at each organization. This event gives the community an easy central way to make donations. It also gives the organizations a chance to network and families can make their fair experience a little more affordable.

Thanks to all who participated — especially to Patrick Eidman at the fairgrounds, as well as his staff and volunteers who organize this event. It is a win-win for the whole county!

Sarah Gordon

Grass Valley

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