Sarah Daley: Hodge will help grow local economy |

Sarah Daley: Hodge will help grow local economy

The economy in Nevada County is stagnating. Instead of looking outside our community to save our economy, Hilary Hodge would be focusing on how to support and encourage our local business owners and entrepreneurs’ growth in a changing economic environment. By investing in our local talent with improved and expanded business education from our local resources, we can expand and diversify the types of businesses that we develop.

Right now we have several empty storefronts on Mill Street. These empty stores hurt the overall businesses in Grass Valley. Hilary Hodge would help storefront business owners prepare for either retirement or to develop a successful leverage of online economy in order to prevent them from leaving behind these empty spaces.

Finally, since cannabis is now legal, Hilary Hodge would develop a reasonable and expedient cannabis ordinance whereby our local farmers can enter into a regulated and taxed market. By being able to regulate cannabis we can make rules about where, when and to whom it is sold. By taxing it we can gather more funding for schools and other services needed to maintain a healthy and safe public.

Sarah Daley

Grass Valley

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