Sarah Daley: Elect Hilary Hodge for supervisor |

Sarah Daley: Elect Hilary Hodge for supervisor

Hilary Hodge and her family have lived in Northern California for six generations.

With her family background she understands the need for rural representation that also encourages young families to move and grow roots in Nevada County. Her plan to do this is the following:

1. Create affordable housing by working with federal, state and private businesses.

2. Produce jobs here by attracting businesses that share our values

3. Access to high speed internet.

4. Improve public safety by eliminating fire hazards and reducing crime.

5. Build more community gardens.

6. Increase access to affordable health care.

Hilary will improve our community while maintaining Nevada County’s original charm. We need her to be our supervisor for District 3!

Sarah Daley

Grass Valley

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