Sandra Terrell: More funding needed for mentally ill |

Sandra Terrell: More funding needed for mentally ill

I am a retired social services professional who worked for Nevada County for 20 years (1968 through 1988), the last 11 of those years as the director of Social Services, Public Guardian-Conservator.

I would like to compliment both Jo Ann Rebane for her series of articles about the mentally ill homeless population, and The Union for publishing them. The articles are accurate and shed some much-needed light on how California law (especially the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act of 1967) has reduced mental health services in this state, how that has adversely affected the homeless population, and the financial consequences of it all to the cities and counties. I completely support Ms. Rebane’s conclusions in her final article and hope our current leaders heed her advice to “mount a full assault and demand that Sacramento stop spending on projects like the bullet train …”

She’s absolutely right that, “It’s past time to properly fund care and maintenance for mentally ill homeless people.”

Sandra Terrell

Grass Valley

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