San French: Boys to men |

San French: Boys to men

Kudos to Hillary Hodge for her weekly piece in The Union addressing sexual assault, rape and the way men treat women (Aug. 30).

I have been a "feminist" my entire life thanks to my folks. They modeled respectful behavior to us kids. Especially my mom, who was a "career woman;" she went into a man's world back in the '50s and '60s and basically didn't take any guff from the men around her. She was respectful but stern. I never heard my dad talk trash or talk down to women. He was always polite and never engaged in the kind of banter men do when they are together.

The raising of young boys is the key to meaningful and respectful men-women relationships. If you don't get it when you're young and in the home … you usually get it on the streets or in the boys room.

Unfortunately in today's world/culture there's an abundance of dysfunction and bad modeling so it's an extra challenge to raise boys right. Fortunately there are mentoring opportunities and programs for young boys and teens to help steer them right. But the over-sexualized high content society we live in makes this a Sisyphean task at best.

But it must be done, because I for one am tired of being ashamed to be a man.

San French

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