Sally Knutson: Kudos to Nevada Union Coach Sparks |

Sally Knutson: Kudos to Nevada Union Coach Sparks

When I saw the Nevada Union High School football players marching in the Fourth of July Parade, I said to myself, “Now that is a very smart way to introduce the team to the community. Good for the boys and good for their coach.”

After reading “Ready for Takeoff” in the July 21 edition of The Union, I understand and applaud Coach Sparks for his approach to program building. He is giving these young men a place in our community where they can not only play the game that we all love, but be the positive face of their school in our community.

Have a great season fellows. You have made a good impression on me and I am looking forward to watching you grow with the program and expand as you mature and leave high school.

Coach Sparks, my hat is off to you for showing these young men what it means to be a member of a community. Thank you so very much.

Sally Knutson

Nevada City

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