Ruth Zachary: Why give racism an audience? |

Ruth Zachary: Why give racism an audience?

The recent column by Don Rogers, "Stoking the flames in Charlottesville," should be read by everyone in the country. Most adults in this country are strong supporters of the First Amendment and respect their fellow Americans, regardless of differences.

Just because a few people feel the need to denigrate another race, color or creed does not mean that we must visibly protest their right to speak. If we just ignored these groups, instead of giving them more publicity, perhaps incidents like in Charlottesville would not happen.

Without an audience, the media and others may pay some attention to them, but when we, who believe that their ideas are repugnant and without moral standing give them an audience, it encourages them to continue their bullying tactics and views.

If we could ignore them, would they eventually just go back to where ever they came from? They want to foment chaos, but why should we give them an audience?

Ruth Zachary

Grass Valley

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