Russell Steele: Supervisors deny 70 households critical infrastructure |

Russell Steele: Supervisors deny 70 households critical infrastructure

“Nevada County Supervisor Ed Scofield said he usually supports new cell towers. However, he wasn’t going to approve one at 13083 Wildlife Lane. Speaking near the end of a Tuesday hearing for a tower, Scofield said the proposed 110-foot AT&T tower would bring broadband access to only some 70 homes.”

In today’s digital world broadband access has become critical infrastructure, just like water, power and waste management according to the Brookings Institute, California Public Utilities Commission, the Federal Communication Commission.

Would the supervisors deny 70 households access to water, power, or waste management? No! So why do they deny 70 homes access to more economic opportunity, better education, and healthcare that is available on this critical infrastructure called broadband?

I have invested 1,000 of hours promoting broadband in Nevada County, mapping broadband deficiencies, working with Congress and the FCC to promote federal investment in rural broadband.

Now that it has arrived Supervisor Scofield says, We do not need that. Really, how clueless to the needs of modern digital society can a supervisor be?

Nevada County needs a more knowledgeable representative.

Russell Steele


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