Russell Steele: Nevada City/Grass Valley fiber losers |

Russell Steele: Nevada City/Grass Valley fiber losers

As a proponent of rural broadband, I often read recently published books and articles on broadband technologies.

I am currently reading Susan Crawford’s book, “Fiber: The Coming Tech Revolution — and Why America Might Miss It.” I was surprised by the depiction of Nevada City and Grass Valley as failed communities in their quest for broadband fiber networks with quotes like these:

“Laissez-faire is not working for rural America, particularly in areas like Nevada City/Grass Valley where the local authorities are uninterested in intervening to ensure that their people have communications capacity.”

“… one of the key reasons that both Greensboro and Grass Valley/Nevada City are making such slow progress toward any flavor of publicly oriented fiber is that there is no prominent public leader willing to stand behind it.”

This is only two, there are more damaging quotes.

After reading this book, it is highly unlikely Nevada City would be on anyone’s list as a great place to live and work.

Now that Race Communications will be building out the fiber network which Crawford used to illustrate a failed project, local authorities need to promote a more positive image. More at

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